Galaxy Z flip Review: The best folding phone you can buy.

Samsung recently unveiled it's new Galaxy Z Flip, which is the successor to its troubled Galaxy Fold and a direct competitor to Motorola's approach to folding phone.Unlike its predecessor, which folded vertically, this one is more like a clamshell-type fold making it highly portable. Before we jump to a comparison of the galaxy flip and Motorola's razer, let's have a quick look at what galaxy flip has to offer:

The Z flip is powered by Snapdragon 855 Plus, which is an octa-core processor (who's Single core clocked at 2.95 GHz, Tri core clocked at 2.41GHz and Quad-core clocked at 1.78GHz ) with 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. It has a 6.7-inch OLED display (2636 X 1080, 425ppi) with an ultra-thin 30-micron layer of glass and a plastic layer on top of that to protect it from small accidental damages. Samsung tells that the fold will last for 2000,000 folds. It calls this display as the "Infinity Flex Display."

It has a dual-camera setup on the back both of 12MP, the main camera is a Wide-angle Camera, which features a 1/2.55'' sensor and 1.4µm pixels, which is smaller than the Galaxy S20's 1.8µm pixels. The Dual Pixel autofocus is optically stabilized and supports up to 8x digital zoom. Whereas the secondary 12MP Ultra Wide Camera has a field of vision that is 123˚ with f2.2 aperture and 1.12μm pixel size. You can shoot 4K videos at 60fps and super slow-mo 720p videos at 960 fps & Slow-mo 1080p video support at 240 fps.

Even though the cameras look promising on paper, but they do not stand close to its own Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 ultra. Don't get me wrong they are not bad cameras, but they are competent at best.

You can still take selfies with the main camera but strangely, the aspect ratio is always square. The Galaxy z flip comes with a typical 3300mAh battery split into two, one being at the top, and one at the bottom giving the phone a balanced weight. It will easily last you for a day on normal usage, but if you are using it intensively, it will be necessary for you to plug into a charger by day end.

Image: Samsung

Is the Galaxy Z flip a regular phone? Of course not! Is the Galaxy Z flip for everyone? Well, it depends on you if you are want to be an early adapter of the technology and are ready to pay $1,380 for a camera which a bit of the shelf, then it's for you.

But using it for two weeks now, it felt pretty standard. So if you are considering to buy a folding phone and are confused about whether to choose the Galaxy Z flip or the Motorola Razer, I would say you should go with Samsung's Z flip as it is better than razer in every possible aspect, the only thing Motorola has in their favor is being first to the market.

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